Hire IoT Software Developer

Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of connected devices that collect, convert, and transmit data to operate. Internet of Things software development refers to the process of creating programs that power these tasks. It is much easier to understand with a real-life example. IoT is a connection between the phone and smartwatch or between different devices in the house to the smart home controller. And IoT software engineer is a professional that writes code that ensures this connection and also creates applications for users.

IoT custom software development is a growing industry as the number of things connected to the internet increases every year. According to statistics, the number of IoT devices in 2009 was about 0.9 billion and in the year 2020, it has reached 20 billion units worldwide. This technology becomes more and more used by people because it makes life easier. It can be something as simple as a fitness bracelet that measures heart rate, distance, pulse, and other data and transmits it into the smartphone app to save progress. But IoT app development can also make much more complex processes easier. It is applied in many industries, like e-learning, healthcare, business, communication (including telecom), manufacturing, and industrial production.

Almost every company or organization can increase its productivity by the implementation of IoT devices in its production or service provision. One of the major benefits is data analysis, using AI and machine learning. Companies that use IoT software development solutions can gather big data and analyze it to increase business success.

Another huge advantage is that such solutions allow work faster, more agile, and increase end-user experience. Whether it is an app that helps to manage all in-built house systems via smartphone or a complex solution for automotive warehouse management, it offers new ways of working and living. That’s why specialists such as a software engineer Internet of Things are in great demand nowadays. According to recent research, 80% of large corporations are implementing IoT systems and devices in their activity.

IoT Data Analytics and Application Development

Internet of things software development has two main branches, which are the Internet of Things app development services and data analytics.

IoT data analytics deals with handling the various data devices gather from the surrounding environment. It can be any type of data a sensor will collect, like temperature, heart rate, humidity, or anything else measurable. Information acquisition is not the main goal; it is the analysis, conversation, and use of this data. It should be converted in a single format that can be processed by the controlling computer. And it also should be analyzed so that the controlling computer could perform any operations accordingly.

The main types of the Internet of Things data analytics are:

  • Prescriptive. It is designed to find a relevant solution to a situation based on the collected information. It shows what has happened (like fitness app safes the running distance) and predicts what can happen (fitness app recommends more activity, for example)
  • Spatial. This is a complex analysis that shows behavioral, business, or operational patterns. It is used mostly in industrial production, traveling, or the agricultural sphere
  • Streaming. The main focus of this analysis is the immediate response to the collected information. The easiest example is GPS and traffic analysis
  • Time series. It focuses on data analysis over time. For example, healthcare measurements, like change in heart rate over time or weather monitoring to understand climate change

IoT application development deals with coding and releasing software solutions that ensure the work of IoT devices. It can be a web or mobile app that helps to manage and control such devices. It also concerns solutions that provide data converting and transmitting to the processor. IoT app development for mobile can mean the creation of a fitness tracking app for your phone, for instance. But software development also powers more complex systems, like Amazon’s Alexa.

Qualifications an Expert IoT Embedded Developer Needs

Before a company decides to hire IoT application developer or IoT backend developer, it is crucial to know what experience and qualifications to look for. After all, such a position requires wide knowledge in the sphere and expertise in several technologies.

An expert IoT software engineer needs to be knowledgeable in several programming languages, such as:

It is just the basics. An IoT software programmer needs to have an experience with a particular system or platform he is going to create a solution. For example, if the application is going to work with Amazon’s Alexa, an engineer should be knowledgeable of this solution.

It also important for such an expert to have a high level of expertise in such technologies, as:

  • Multithreading
  • Data structures and architectures
  • IoT end-to-end application development
  • Object-Oriented Programming and Analysis
  • Experience with specific cloud platforms like AWS or Azure
  • Databases management, integration, and migration

And expertise in these technologies is also not everything that defines the expert in this industry. Great IoT software developer also knows a lot about IoT hardware and its functionality. It is important to understand how these devices work to write effective software for them.

It is also essential for IoT full stack developer to have an understanding of connectivity, which describes the way such devices communicate with each other. The basic connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or RFID.

IoT custom software development also deals with security risks. The more devices are connected to the internet, the more possible issues might occur in terms of data security. That’s why a professional programmer needs to have experience with security solutions and protocols used in IoT development. It is also a great advantage to have knowledge of business intelligence, data analysis, AI, and machine learning.

Internet of Things Software Development: Projects and Services It Offers

IoT software development solutions can fit with almost any industry or business. The professional IoT solutions developers can tackle such projects and tasks as:

  • Web and mobile IoT application development
  • Connectivity solutions programming
  • Infrastructure management and monitoring
  • Energy management software
  • Industrial Internet of Things data analytics
  • Data analysis solutions based on AI and machine learning
  • Big data acquisition, analysis, and visualization
  • End-to-end applications
  • All types of data analytics in the Internet of Things

The applications differ hugely in their functionality and complexity. They can power almost any process in many industries, namely:

  • Smart homes. It is one of the largest spheres where IoT devices are used. It is all about controlling and managing all house systems via one simple interface, like a mobile app
  • Vehicles. It concerns all solutions that connect vehicles to the internet. They are used for safety measures, traffic predictions, automation, navigation, and control
  • Industrial solutions. It is about data acquisition to increase workflow efficiency, in terms of operations, decision making, and better customer service
  • Wearable devices. Those are all applications that control fitness, healthcare, security, or financial wearable technologies

Reasons to Outsource IoT Software Development to Ukraine

As IoT devices become more popular in many industries, the demand for professional grows accordingly. Many large corporations and smaller companies struggle to hire iot application developer simply because there are not enough specialists in their region or country. That’s why outsourcing is a great way to find the best team for any project. Ukraine is one of the top outsourcing destinations when it comes to IT services, including IoT software development. Here are the main reasons why:

  • It offers access to a wide talent pool. Ukraine has about 20,000 IT professionals to choose from. They are educated, experienced, and have the necessary knowledge of technologies. So if it is challenging to find professional coders in your country, consider hiring Ukrainian developers.
  • The costs of recruitment and salary rates are much lower than in many other countries, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, the USA, or the EU. It is not a secret that the salaries of IT specialists differ from country to country drastically. Ukraine offers a great cost-to-quality ratio.
  • Ukraine is conveniently located in Eastern Europe. It shares the same time zone as many European countries, which makes collaboration much easier. You can also fly here easily, as all major cities have direct flights to Ukraine. It is important to ensure effective management and control.
  • Ukrainian top IoT security developers are used to working with international partners. The IT sector here works hugely on the export of services, which means they share the same business ethics and values.
  • Ukrainian programmers have a good knowledge of English. Communication is essential to make the project successful, so the opportunity to communicate directly is a huge advantage.

If you are looking for an expert IoT software developers, contact us today! Our recruiters will find the best team for your project.