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Benefits and Features of GCP IoT Solutions

The rapid growth of IoT and the adoption of cloud services into projects has created a demand for IT professionals such as Google Cloud engineers, and other IoT cloud experts.

The IoT services Google Cloud platform offers provide a wide variety of solutions across many fields. Whatever the issue you are trying to solve or improve on Google’s IoT Cloud Platform can provide a solution. It can help increase efficiency, reduce expenses and go after new markets. Google IoT Cloud Platform has provided solutions in retail, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, automotive, supply chain and logistics, energy, healthcare and life sciences, media and entertainment, gaming and telecommunications as well as in other fields. Some of the features the platform offers include:

gcp iot services
  • Security: end-to-end security using asymmetric key authentication
  • Protocol bridge: native support for industry-standard protocols like MQTT and HTTP. Connection endpoints provided for protocols with automatic load balancing.
  • Device manager: manage devices through a console or programmatically. The device manager identifies and authenticates devices when connecting and maintains a configuration for each device.
  • Real-time metrics: use Stackdriver monitoring to display data in real-time and set up alerts based on metric thresholds such as data limits
  • Fully scalable: the service is serverless and can be scaled instantly with no limits
  • Single system: manage all devices as a single global system

Here are a few of the benefits of using Google IoT solutions:

  • Redundant backups: not only does Google back up your data, but it also does it in at least 2 locations.
  • Scalability: companies can scale up or scale down with ease
  • Integrated services: make simultaneous use of developer tools, security, storage, data analytics and other services easily
  • Reduces development time: streamlines the development process by providing out of the box solutions
  • Secure: State of the art security including 256 bit AES encryption and regular audits for security compliance

Google IoT Services

The Google IoT platform consists of a variety of services that can be adapted to fit your needs. Here are some of the main services that make up Google’s IoT platform.

gcp iot solutions
  • Google IoT Core: Google Core is the platform’s central service that enables communication between devices and the cloud. It is made up of two main components. The device manager is for deploying, configuring, controlling and updating devices. The protocol bridges enable access for devices to the platform via MQTT and HTTP protocols. These are industry standard protocols meaning your device’s firmware will only need minimal changes. Depending on your needs Google core can handle just a few devices or can be scaled up to connect millions if necessary. Core scales automatically in response to changes
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub: Cloud Pub/Sub works in conjunction with Google IoT Core as a device messaging service. It collects event data from devices globally and routes it for processing and analytics. It allows temporary 7-day data storage and provides end-to-end data encryption. It is commonly used by Google cloud developers to distribute event notifications, stream data from devices or processes and implement asynchronous workflows.
  • Google BigQuery: BigQuery is a service that allows the storing and querying of huge amounts of data using the processing power of Google’s infrastructure and SQL queries. You can interact with BigQuery using the Cloud Console, by making calls to the BigQuery Rest API or with a selection of third-party tools. BigQuery also has built-in machine learning capabilities.
  • Google Cloud IoT hardware: Google provides a selection of IoT developer prototyping kits and edge devices in order to make connecting to their IoT cloud platform easier and to make integrating your project less complicated. Examples of IoT developer prototyping kits are a microchip security development kit and a cellular kit that can connect using cellular, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet.
  • Google Cloud functions: Cloud functions are an event-driven computing service where users can create independent single-purpose functions that are attached to an event. When an event being monitored occurs the function is triggered. Functions scale automatically and are fault-tolerant. They are especially useful for creating intelligent apps, real-time data processing and building serverless backends. Google Cloud Functions can be written in Python, node.js and Go which eliminates the need for learning a new language.
  • Google compute engine: Compute Engine is a customizable compute service that allows users to create and run virtual machines on Google’s infrastructure.

These are the main services available on the Google IoT platform but there are many others. You may pick and choose those services that best fulfill your needs and requirements.

Demand for Google Cloud Engineers

More companies are shifting their operations to the cloud and the number of connected devices is increasing at a rapid pace. Google Cloud Service Provider is the third largest cloud service provider in the world and offers a variety of services such as application development, data storage, data analytics, computing and machine learning. As the demand for these services goes up, companies have a need of Google Cloud engineers to integrate these services with their projects.

You will need to determine the specific need of your company when selecting a Google Cloud expert. A company may need a Google IoT consultant to advise them on the best way to implement services. A GCP data engineer who specializes in the collection and analysis of data from device might be what is needed. Adding a GCP professional cloud engineer to your IoT team will have some definite benefits. They are already experienced in working with the Google platform and familiar with the services and capabilities of each. A good GCP associate cloud engineer can lead your team in a variety of tasks such as setting up a cloud solution environment, deploying and implementing networking resources and managing identity and access management. If you intend to use the Google IoT Cloud platform having a GCP customer engineer is essential.

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Google Cloud IoT Engineer Skills and Requirements

A Google Cloud Engineer will need certain skills and abilities to perform their tasks well. Here are some of the main skills and requirements that will be called for:

  • Google Associate or Professional certification: Google offers numerous certifications such as Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, Data Engineer, Cloud Security Engineer, Cloud Network Engineer and Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Data security: ability to apply security measures and controls to IoT devices data with a focus on end-to-end security
  • Coding skills: possess coding skills in one or more applicable programming languages, such as Python, Java, Go, C++, Ruby 
  • IoT wireless: experience working with Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and cellular (3G/4G/5G)
  • Experience with NoSQL and SQL databases
  • Data analytics/IoT analytics: experienced with the tools and methods used to process unstructured data
  • Edge computing: data processing where computation and storage is nearer to the devices where the data is being collected
  • IoT sensors: work with and build devices that are able to sense, act and communicate with the IoT network including hardware for detecting temperature, light, sound and pressure.

These are some of the essential Google Cloud IoT skills and requirements. Depending on the area of specialization and the type of engineer there are additional skills that may be focused on.

Consider Ukraine When Looking for a Google Cloud Services Provider

When your company needs to hire a Google Cloud programmer or a Google Cloud Certified professional Data engineer there is no better place to look than Ukraine. The country has a huge pool of experienced and skilled IT professionals to call on. According to available data there are over 200,000 IT professionals in the country and over 36,000 technical graduates joining the workforce every year. Ukraine also has over 110 multinational R & D centers located in the country for tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, IBM and Google. One of the major factors to consider when looking for a Google Cloud Platform Software engineer is the salary. You can hire a Google Cloud Platform developer for significantly less than in many other countries

So how much is it cost to hire Google Cloud developer? The following from Payscale is the amount of a Google Cloud engineer salary in different countries.

  • United States: $145,855
  • Canada: $97,000
  • United Kingdom: $82,000
  • Germany: $91000
  • Denmark: $71,500
  • Switzerland: $120,500
  • Italy: $69,300
  • Poland: $37,500
  • Ukraine: $33,200 (based on our research over a few local job boards)

These are salary averages and can vary depending on exact location and experience level. Generally, this average is right around that for an Azure Cloud engineer. Of course, salary isn’t the only reason for hiring a Google Cloud Network engineer in Ukraine. Some of the other reasons for working with Ukrainian developers include:

  • Highly skilled: Ukrainian developers are considered among the best in the world so you are sure to find one with the Google IoT programming skills you require.
  • English speaking: around 85% of Ukrainian developers speak English at an intermediate level or higher
  • Cultural fit: the work and business ethics in Ukraine are similar to those in Western companies
  • Location/time zone: Ukraine is only 1 hour ahead of most Western European countries. There is a 7 hour time difference between the U.S and Ukraine which is still a better fit than many counties with low-cost IT developers.

Hire a Certified GCP Engineer with the Help of Our Service

Our Ukrainian based outsourcing and outstaffing service has been providing IT professionals to companies around the world. We are fully capable of providing all of your Google Cloud staffing needs. Whether you need a single full stack developer on GCP or you require an entire Google Cloud team you can count on us to fulfill your requirements.

The following is the proven model we follow to acquire the developers with the skills your project requires:

  • You:
    • Provide us with the ideal profile of the Google Cloud customer engineer or other IoT developer you are looking for
    • Inform us of the specific technical task to be performed
    • Approve the chosen candidate
  • Our Recruitment Team:
    • Sends you GCP developer resume to approve
    • Screens the best candidates with in-person interviews
    • Arranges video interviews with the client
    • Makes an offer
  • Our Resource Management Team:
    • Onboards new employees
    • Brands the space to match your corporate identity
    • Maintains contact with you and the developer to ensure all is proceeding smoothly

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